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When I first started this online journal I intended to have an ongoing workout portion.  This accountability is to keep me focused, and maybe let others know of some awesome resources I find along the way.

Well, I took January off of “Work Out Wednesday” in order to avoid the resolution craze, and January turned into February…. there it is, when I don’t hold myself accountable it all slips away.

Here I am on a Thursday, determined to catch up from yesterday.  I want to be honest, and honestly, this month I have not been making time.  My effort has been slacking on working out.  I am doing to activities but I have not been keeping myself up to snuff.  I am touching base today so that I do not go another week without keeping myself on the hook.

I’m going to change my “Work Out Wednesday” focus to a Wellness Wednesday.  Wellness encompasses so much more in our lifestyles; mentally, physically, socially, spiritually and emotionally.  I want to take a moment, at least, once a week to focus on what I’m doing to better my wellness.

Here is to checking in and getting back on track.  Here is to making time.


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