Top 5 Movies with Mike

After meeting my husband you might not notice how incredibly selfless he is, or that he is really sensitive.  Yes, he acts like all tough when you meet him, and maybe a little sarcastic…maybe a lot sarcastic.  However, deep down he will do anything for me and usually that means letting me pick the movies we watch.  For his birthday, since we had a washing machine malfunction, we were a bit tight for cash. (We bought a new washing machine, not cheap.)  I didn’t want to spend a bunch of money.  He is a fan of saving.  We did just spend a bit on Valentine’s Day which isn’t really our style.  And with the shadow of the new washer in my head I figured he’d appreciate a smaller, more intimate gift. He could have used more fishing equipment, or tools for the basement, or maybe a new shirt.  However, he didn’t mind getting a basket of treats that we do not usually buy, Nibs and Dad’s Goodie Rings and a new salsa for his Tostitos.  Among some other little munchies, I wrote a note for a movie night, his choice.  Though he is a sensitive and family oriented guy, his movie choices are usually the opposite.  I alluded to the fact that his choice did include war movies, or mythological movies, maybe even some political world ending movie.  These are not top on my list, but I too am selfless.  Okay, not as much.

This is a list of movies, that are all available currently on Netflix, that I would not mind at all watching with Mike for his movie night.  I truly suggest everyone take the time to see them as they are appealing for many reasons.  Such as, Leo DiCaprio, Marky Mark, Tarantino, some good laughs and the late Heath Ledger.  All have perks and are entertaining from from beginning to end.  Maybe Mike will take the hint, or maybe we will watch something new.  It is his choice.  Mainly, I hope we can get some time to watch a movie together.

My Date Movie Night Picks (if I could choose for him):

5. Super Troopers

4. Django Unchained

3. The Dark Knight

2. Shooter

1. The Departed

We don’t always have the extra money to go and spend for a big gift.  I’m always interested in new ways to have fun, on a budget.  Movie night is a fun way to get some time together.   Half the time our movie night starts so late because we take a million years choosing what to watch.  By giving him the gift of choice, this should cut down on the discussion.  Hopefully the movies listed can help you save some time picking for your next night in. These aren’t all my favourite movies, but they are some of the best ones you can watch on Netflix.

Here’s to a date night, that everyone can enjoy watching.






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