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Working on my Wellness – March Forth

I am not only excited to let you know about a fun website I’ve be introduced to, but I’m also excited today is a double entendre.  March Forth to strength and making a better you.  Okay, figure of speech love is done, for now.

Yesterday, I undertook the first workout in a five day challenge from Fitness Blender.  I got the heads up about this site from my mother in law.  I love it!  Not only does it have a variety of workouts, targeting different areas of the body.  You can identify what equipment you have available, or the length of workout you want and it will categorize the workouts for specific use.  There are a bunch of options to cater to each person.  The site has a calendar too!  If you find an exercise that you want to save for a later date…put it in your calendar.  So, last nights work out was a doozy.  I don’t often use words like doozy but yes, it got the heart pumping and the sweat moving.  I also don’t often run to fill my water bottle half way through a workout…but I did.  It was a bit longer than exercises I’ve done recently, clocking in at 59 minutes.  There was some HIIT and cardio all aimed at the legs.  The video promised me that they would cut back on the legs today for “Day #2” so I look forward to the upper body challenge.

I did skip the cool down on the Fitness Blender work out. I knew I was going to get in some yoga as well, I just changed over to Day #2 of Yoga Camp, with Adriene.  This is the second installment of her many, many different yoga videos.  The new camp debuted in January and I thought I’d do the camp starting in March.  I appreciate the way she guides her yoga practices. What I enjoy so far from the first few sessions are the mantras.  It originally sounded a bit serious for me.  But, I decided to actually think about the ideas she presented in each practice.  Crazy as it seems, these ideas gave me a focus to maintain and build from. Day one was “I Accept.”  Day two was “I Create.”  I wrote on my twitter after each practice what I believe these phrases mean for me.

I accept that I am responsible for my own wellness.

I create self confidence.

These mantras are significant to me.  I will be sharing my version of each presented mantra on my twitter, after each practice.  I also hope to reflect on them as I keep track of my overall wellness.  This is a great way for me to be accountable to the camp and work to finish.

I challenge everyone to spend at least an hour this week focusing on his or her own wellness.  What are you doing to accept?  What are you doing to create?

The yoga felt amazing after that long strength workout.  No pain today, I’m actually looking forward to tonights workout and cool down.







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