Day one, again.

Okay, I feel like this post is basically going to confession.

Forgive me Life, it has been almost a year since I last wrote.  Nothing a few Hail Mary‘s won’t fix.  In any case, there is nothing like plus temperatures in February to get the juices flowing.  I can not wait to get going again.  We’ve been so busy.  However, everyone is busy.  I have not been busy enough to let all my goals fall off the track.  Yet, some how I let them derail.

I went to a conference in October, all about advancing women… and one of the main things I got out of it was: act now.  It made me want to get back to me, be motivated and keep on blogging.  It made me want to take some time for myself to do the things I love, and be with my family, and most of all stress less about work and what I can not control.  The conference also drove home, for me, that success does not come from hours at work, hard work yes —-but to not let work get in the way of real life.   So of course, I came home from Toronto with a big idea that I would have everything together and be able to balance it all.  The idea of setting aside time to get back to documenting my goals seemed so easy and achievable.  Have I done a second of writing? No, of course not!  Make time for that? No way.  How could I?  Well,  it is my fault.  When you don’t actively build time in your life for yourself, you can lose yourself.   It’s really  easy to talk about it, and super easy to think about.  It is also just as easy to not get serious and make time for me, to make myself well.

Family, work and everything else is what I always focus on.  I’m constantly tired.  It’s clear that my wellness came in dead last on my priority list this year.

Never the less, first step made.  Here I am on Day One, again.

I have seen those quotes that basically say – starting over is so hard, just don’t stop in the first place….. well I totally get it.  Let us see if I’ll learn from it.





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