When Mike and I moved into this house the yard was just barren gravel and dirt.  It’s hard to believe, between hard work and some wonderful help from family, the yard is shaping up to be a beautiful relaxing oasis.  We’re at the stage where we can make additions here and there just add to a space that the kids can play and we can entertain.
We love plants.  Personally, I do not know a bunch about each kind of plant, or what best suits, but I love the different colours and textures.  We like to have plants in the house year round, and inside the easiest plants to keep alive are succulents.

In addition to putting succulents outside this year, we also wanted to add some antique touches.  A few years ago, we got a chance to collect some amazing items from my husband’s, great grandma’s childhood home.  The old house is on it’s last legs, but there are simple treasures inside.  There is something special about holding items that are part of history.  Slowly, we are trying to make a place to keep these items in our homes.  I love seeing what we can do with these treasures that were just sitting under dust.  One of those items is an old shelf that is about to fall apart.  Partnering the shelf with some growing succulents seemed like a great idea.

We picked up some of the plants at different green houses around Saskatoon.  We grabbed some terracotta pots and paint at a dollar store.  While my son and I were painting the pots, my cousin’s daughters came by to see if my son wanted to go to the spray park. Of course, he was more than excited so while he got ready I got the girls to paint some pots too, they came at the right time I guess.  Was that fun or forced?  I like to think fun…

After filling the pots, all that was left was screwing the old to the wall.  Thanks so much for Mike, because I wouldn’t have had the steady hand to get that shelf up myself.  After a few cracks, it’s up!  I love the way it looks on the fence.  It’s a beautiful addition to the pathway and patio.  I can’t wait to find more ways to incorporate antique touches to the yard.


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