Thanks for checking in.  This blog I started 2 years ago, and is always in progress.  It’s about keeping myself accountable and chatting about what I love — family – crafts – home and enjoying life.
If you’ve been searching for a sarcastic view and the odd venting session on life. Wow, you’re in luck.
This is a place where I can sort out my thoughts for the family, the house and my health choices. I’m a 29 year old lady, mother of two bright boys and a wife to a stellar guy! Trust me, I’m on the internet so I must have it all figured out! WRONG! Join me in my quest to better myself.

I’ve really needed a tool that can motivate me and hold me accountable. I have always being interested in online media and communications. Years ago I thought it would be fun to start a blog. Of course, I’ve always pushed the idea back.  Just until “I have more time.”  The time is now. My job is pretty black and white, so I am craving a way to really tap into my creative side. I’ve also been looking for a way to practice using different online medias, which I haven’t really got to dive into since post secondary. Most of my friends don’t even use Twitter, so here is a way for me to really get a taste of “what the cool kids are doing.” — Still working through this — I’m mostly and Instagram user, but the odd tweet does happen.

Thanks to two ladies that I know that started their own blogs. You made me finally say, “Laura it’s time to make time!”



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