Because It’s So Great!

If you’re not already following befitsnacks on Instagram, do it!  They have searched, found and compiled easy snacks to make the stomach happy; while still maintaining a healthy lifestyle!  Let’s refer to being healthy as a lifestyle…I don’t like the word diet, not even on my Coke. Tonight, while not being able to eat anything hard… Continue reading Because It’s So Great!

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Work It Out Wednesday December 9, 2015

Okay, here’s the thing: I love eating.  I like sweets, salty things, desserts, and lunch is my favourite and dinner too.   Steak. I love steak, ribs —all the meats.  Don’t even get me started on sea food.  Love, love, love. Generally, we eat pretty healthy.  I love salads and veggies and we get all the… Continue reading Work It Out Wednesday December 9, 2015