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You Should Be Playing Games With Your Kids

I know, I’m not an expert in child development, but here’s why I believe you should be playing more Mouse Trap – or games in general, WITH your kids. Every day, my son asks me to play a game. I love games and I’m glad he enjoys them as well. When he pulls out Mouse Trap, I’m catapulted… Continue reading You Should Be Playing Games With Your Kids


Master Bedroom Over Haul

Back at the beginning of November I declared my truth about what our bedroom had become….a disaster.  Every time we did not have room to throw something, it went in our bedroom.  Let me just mention, I already have trouble keeping my clothes off the floor so it was terrible combination.  Baskets of clothes: some clean, some dirty.  Piles of papers to file into the cabinet.  Random junk that we just had not thrown out yet; which had migrated from the kitchen counter.  Why was our need to have our main area clean killing our personal space?  It was time to stop, clean and get focused.

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 4.44.41 PM

Check out this pic from early November of our master.  It is just sad.  How can anyone enjoy themselves or feel relaxed with all the clutter?

We needed to focus on our space.   So much time had been spent keeping the kid’s toys and accessories in their rooms and keeping the main living space livable.

First thing was getting everything that we did not need out of the house.  We had been through our clothes a few months back, but with this overhaul we got ride of three garbage bags full and a box.  It all went to a local donation centre.  Our clothes were not bad.  However, we had a tonne of clothes that we just did not wear anymore.  Why not give them to a place that will help others in need?  There was a bag of throw away clothes and so many garbage bags of just trash or recycle!  It is amazing the crap you collect accidentally when you are just trying to keep the clutter out of your main area.

With the weight of the clutter gone it was nice to be able to look forward to a cozy space again by mid November.

We decided we wanted to redo my parents old bedroom set.  They had bought it in the ’90s after deciding they wanted a big bedroom purchase.  My parents take time to make their space inviting. Similar to us they made use of what they had right after getting married and took many years to put money into their own oasis.  We still do not have money to put into our master, but we will use what we are given and make it ours.  My in laws recently redid their master bedroom and it is beautiful.  Each piece is unique and contemporary but homey.  It again, is an example of a family that focused on what they can for the group living space first, and finally getting a chance to make their personal space personal.

We repainted the old oak looking laminate furniture into a modern colour, named Icon Grey.  Our walls are Seattle, totally useless information but I always like to find out the names of colours, and fonts.  Is that lame?


After a quick primer and two coats of paint, the bedroom set was redone.  Thanks to my husband, because I only did the dressers.  I feel a little guilty.  Here’s the thing: he likes wearing painting clothes, so I figure it is a win-win for us!

We gained storage, by moving our existing short dresser into the closet and adding the large standing dresser to our floor plan.  We also now have a headboard!  This in itself gives my husband and I the illusion that we are adults, if the two children and home had not already done it.

Later projects will include decorating the wall above the bed! Can’t wait!  For now, we will bask in the glory that a clean floor and having everything in its place invites!  A big bonus is more room for yoga, instead of using the living room up!