Am I the healthiest person on the internet? Absolutely not. I know that underneath years of putting it off, I’m athletic and strong. I want to be that person again. I didn’t know at the time, but I should have been way more proud of myself. I loved working out.  I loved sports and being competitive. I currently look at myself with a “what I used to be” perspective. I just need to make it my focus.  I will make time and believe that I am still strong, that I am still competitive and I am still athletic.

I just have to be consistent.
Will this be another blog of daily selfies in a crop top smiling with a smoothie? Nope. Cheers to the ladies and gentlemen that have the confidence do that. You look fantastic, keep up the good work. That being said, I do hope to post about healthy choices and experiences I achieve. Maybe one day I’ll choose to post an “after photo” or share a recipe. Who doesn’t love a good smoothie?