My husband and I work hard to make our house a home. It is an ongoing process.  I’m sure everyone understands the struggle between “what we want” and “what can we achieve.” We try and achieve success with a budget; while making old things new again. Working with what we are given and what we find buy and sell websites can be trying at times.

We make a great team. I sometimes drive him crazy. I have a million ideas! Okay, mostly, I scroll through Pinterest. However, amazingly, Mike finds a way to make them all achievable.  Don’t get me wrong, we have also been extremely lucky to have family that want to help us!  Thanks again…if we haven’t said it enough!

This blog will help me keep the dreams organized and see them through to completion.  I would love to share our achievements and goals for our home. I find it is hard to be original; with all the ideas already floating around online. We mostly try to mimic ideas we see online and in magazines. Hopefully I can document our trials as we make our home even cozier.